KinetoRehab Physical Therapy,PLLC

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We'll help heal your body.

        KinetoRehab Physical Therapy PLLC is a therapist owned practice. We offer wide spectrum of comprehensive and advance physical therapy treatment options. We begin with a thorough assessment that identifies all physical factors contributing to your problem. We design a multimodal treatment plan with concrete goals and clear time frames.We use hot or cold therapy,Electrotherapy, Ultrasound, Manual Therapy Techniques,teach Gait and Functional Training and Therapeutic Exercises.We educate patients with straightforward exercises that get right to the heart of patients' complaints.Over the course of few visits, we monitor your improving condition and progress your treatment. We also help evaluate contributing factors from your environment and activities. Ultimately, KinetoRehab Physical Therapy works to empower you to manage your own health and abilities.